Programs of Care

PHASE ONE:  Five Element Traditional Diagnosis and Treatment

Focus: Clearing Energetic Blocks and Building the Individual’s Constitution.

People experience big shifts in their well-being during Phase One Care. Usually people come in with a health crisis or concern that we address effectively through regular, frequent treatment.


Fees: Traditional Diagnosis: 60€ and 5 treatment sessions: €40  each

6 sessions scheduled on a weekly or bi-weekly basis


PHASE TWO:  Sustaining Balance

Focus: Regular treatment sessions as needed to maintain the progress achieved during Phase One Care (or to sustain the balance following Phase One).

People appreciate the follow-up provided during Phase Two Care to maintain the progress achieved during Phase One. Often underlying concerns/issues or secondary health goals emerge that we can address through continued treatment.


Treatment sessions scheduled during the following 2 seasons (6 month period): €40 each



PHASE THREE:  Seasonal Tune-ups and Periodic Support/Adjustments

Focus: Treatments focus on preventative care and health maintenance throughout the seasons. Treatments can also support the individual in response to a stressful situation, such as a traumatic experience or health crisis. 

Life happens. People appreciate follow-on care that helps them adjust and adapt to situations, whether it’s a stressful period, a major life change or support through a difficult time. I frequently observed that people have a certain time of year where they are more likely to have a health concern – think hay fever in the springtime, a recurrent winter cold, seasonal affective disorder, you name it. Five element acupuncture is especially effect at providing individualized support during these specific seasonal periods and transitional times.


Treatment sessions : €40  each

Please note: for established clients only