After my first acupuncture session, I just could not stop smiling. I felt lifted and invigorated. I couldn’t wait until my next treatment … To say that acupuncture has had a profound effect on me would be an understatement.

You are an incredibly good listener. From the very beginning, I felt that you really heard and understood what I was trying to say. You have this unique ability to really see people and understand what they need. I remember feeling instantly at ease with you and I surprised myself by how much I opened up. I never once feared you would judge me and I always felt very safe.

The physical and emotional effect of treatment was astounding … K. Hutson

I have known Aimee since 2000. Her ability to be joyous, connect with people and provide healing have always been her talents. She has honed her diverse background and skills into focused healing and treatment sessions that provide you the wellness your body, mind and spirit seek.

I have received both acupuncture and vibrational acupressure (via tuning fork) from her. These were incredible sessions. I felt release, improved physical and emotional wellness and greater clarity. I was stunned by the powerful effect of the tuning fork! I receive acupuncture regularly, but the vibrational acupuncture was also profound. I had no idea our bodies resonate so easily to frequency in this manner.

Aimee is your go-to practitioner for short or long term needs. She will sort you out and you will leave feeling nourished. Jolie Marie Carey

I can say that getting treatments with Aimee helped. They smoothed things out and calmed me down. This let me go home, eat right, get a good night’s sleep. The treatments and my conversations with Aimee enabled me to cope with stress as a natural part of life and to have some perspective. It helped break the bad cycle I was entering.

Neal Martin

What a gift it has been to be cared for by you! I appreciate so much your genuine spirit, your lightness, your kindness and your depth. I’ve felt healed by you mostly because I have felt seen by you, which is a rare thing. So thank you, truly and keep that grounded glow.

A. Minor

Je peux dire que d’avoir des soins d’acupuncture avec Aimée m’a aidé. Ils lissées choses et m’a calmée. Ce laissez-moi rentrer chez moi, mangez bien, reçois un sommeil de bonne nuit. Les traitements d’acupuncture et mes conversations avec Aimée m’ont permis de faire face au stress comme un élément naturel de la vie et d’avoir une certaine perspective. Il a contribué à briser un cycle mauvais que j’entrais.

Aimee has maturity and personal growth beyond her age which is truly and asset for her clinical practice. Her full, exciting and varied life experience brings richness to herself as a clinician and helps her in understanding the life experience of others. Aimee is very knowledgeable about her treatments and shares this well with her patients. She seems to have an intuitive sense that helps direct her in her treatment plans, which are beautifully presented.

Pema Choepel Mallu

Aimée recently did some work with my 16yo daughter. Aimée’s calm and reassuring manner made each visit a pleasure for her, and we were very happy with the results.


Énergisant et relaxant, voilà les deux premiers mots qui me viennent à l’esprit lorsque je sors ou repense à la séance que j’ai passé avec Aimée.

Je redécouvre avec bonheur l’acupuncture au travers de son regard et de sa pratique.

Écoute, sensibilité, bienveillance… ainsi que les aiguilles et le son du diapason… ceux sont des séances d’une douceur et d’une richesse utiles à tout retour sur soi.

Je recommande sans modération et avec beaucoup d’amour.
Merci Aimée
Sincèrement, Coralie

Energizing and relaxing, these are the first two words that come to mind when I finish an acupuncture treatment or think back on a session I spent with Aimée.

With happiness, I rediscovered acupuncture through her practice. Her listening, sensitivity, kindness … as well as the needles and the sound of the tuning fork … these are sessions of sweetness and richness, so useful in getting back in touch with oneself.

I recommend Aimée without moderation and with great love.
Thank you, Aimée.
Sincerely, Coralie Coralie